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The Alvar Aalto Society in Sweden was founded in 1996. A purpose has always been to fund the restoration works at the library in Vyborg, a work not without success. Doing this, something else has been achieved as well. In meetings, in exhibitions and in the publications from the Society, something of Aalto’s ethos has been transmitted. His values, condensed in the headline for the text he wrote for Architectural Forum in 1940 – The Humanizing of Architecture – is present in all his design, but at risk to be hidden by everything else that Aalto has been symbolizing: the famous architect, the icon of Finnish, or even Scandinavian, form and the idol of cultivated modernism.

For Aalto himself, architecture was something else than supreme form and definitely something else than a function of practical and technical demands. With two, partly changed, remaining buildings in Sweden, the architecture of Aalto do not have any significant importance in our lives. Just because of that, is an Aalto Society needed beyond the fundraising. It is a matter of saving Aalto’s ethos from pure aestheticism.

The Alvar Aalto Society is a cultural association in the basis of architecture, with an ambition to reach beyond Aalto’s life and deeds. Welcome as member.

Rasmus Wærn
Former Chairman